Our Story

Mayrose - Founder and Chief Stylist at Picnic With MeMayrose, our Founder and Picnic Stylist, always had a passion and gift for making beautiful floral arrangements and hosting enchanting picnics for friends and family.

So in early 2020 when she decided it was time for a change after teaching elementary school for 17 years, it made perfect sense for her to start a pop-up picnic company.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions postponed the launch of her business until August 2020.  But on a positive note, this delay gave her time to experiment with different picnic styles by hosting small picnics for friends. It also gave her time to find just the right kind of high quality accessories. The two themes she initially chose were “The Classic” and “Boho Chic”.

Instant Popup Picnic Success

Even with only those two themes, Picnic With Me grew at an incredible pace from the moment it was launched thanks to Mayrose’s wonderful sense of styling, high quality authentic accessories, and friendly first-class customer service. Her frequent and often humorous Instagram posts also helped attract clients who appreciated the extra level of quality she offered.

After only a few months, Mayrose and Picnic With Me attracted so much attention that they were featured in a very flattering article appearing in Laguna Beach Living.

Soon she created several new picnic theme ideas designed to appeal to the dreams and imagination of a wider range of clients. In fact, as she added more accessories and props to accommodate the new themes, she found herself having to move from small to medium to large to extra-large storage units. And soon she was hiring assistants to help meet the ever-growing demand for her luxury popup picnics.

Building Her Popup Picnic Brand

Today, Mayrose offers 12 picnic themes, including an absolutely priceless Surprise Marriage Proposal theme guaranteed to create lifelong memories. And because of her passion for quality and styling, she continues to buy the highest quality accessories and props. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that she also doesn’t hesitate to buy hats and jackets in a variety of colors to match her picnic setups. It seems like styling her outfit is just as important as styling your picnic when it comes to building the Picnic With Me brand. LOL. 🙂

With such a huge variety of elegant picnic accessories and props, Mayrose can definitely produce the perfect ambiance to fulfill your special event vision. She prides herself on making every picnic uniquely enchanting.

Premium quality accessories, uniquely classy styling, and top-notch friendly service are what the Picnic With Me brand is all about.

See For Yourself

Visit our Popup Picnic Photo Gallery page to see just a few examples of the 400+ wonderful picnic experiences we’ve provided to our clients. Or to see a much greater selection of photos and videos, check out our Picnic With Me IG page.

Then submit your event details in our Pop-up Picnic Cost Request form to arrange for your very own “Effortless Picnic Filled with Love and Memories!”

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