Our Story

Mayrose, our Founder and stylist, always had a passion for hosting enchanting picnics for friends and family to enjoy.

So after retiring in early 2020 from a 17 year career as an elementary school teacher, it made perfect sense for Mayrose to start a pop-up picnic company.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions postponed the launch of her business until August 2020.ย  But on a positive note, this delay gave her time to find the props needed to start her business offering two different types of themed picnics.

Even with only those two themes, Picnic With Me grew at an incredible pace from the moment it was launched thanks to Mayrose’s wonderful sense of styling, high quality authentic props, and friendly first-class customer service.

Soon she created several new theme options designed to appeal to the dreams and imagination of a wider range of clients. In fact, as she added more accessories and props to accommodate the new themes and the growing number of customers, she found herself having to move from small to medium to large to extra-large storage units. And soon she was hiring assistant stylists to help meet the ever-growing demand for her picnics.

Because of her passion for quality and styling, she has never hesitated to buy the highest quality picnic tables, baskets, pillows, rugs, blankets, candlestick holders, vases, plates, glasses, silverware, umbrellas, canopies, and classic decorative props. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that she couldn’t resist buying a few fun, signature hats for herself along the way. LOL.

With such a huge variety of elegant picnic gear and props, Mayrose can definitely produce the perfect ambiance to fulfill your special event vision. She prides herself on making every picnic uniquely enchanting.

Premium quality, unique classy styling, and top-notch friendly service are what the Picnic With Me brand identity is all about.

Visit our Photo Gallery page which contains examples of just a few of the 400+ picnic experiences we’ve provided. Then submit your details in our Pricing Request form and we’ll send you picnic options and prices.